Saturday, November 8, 2008

Peach Roses with White Bower Vine Flowers

This pitcher was made by a local potter in Orange County California. I think his name is Geo.

Peach and White Roses in Purple Grape Glass Vase

This little antique purple grape glass vase is one of my favorite and I could not wait to paint it. It has this lovely little grape pattern on it.

Variety of Red Roses

The Prince are the darker Roses. The two on the top and right are Othello. The table cloth is embroidered silk.

Pink and Orange Roses in Handmade Turquoise Pitcher with Wall Paper

This ceramic pitcher is a very odd little pot. Handmade it has a very pretty spout but not quite perfectly formed. Very quaint.

Tulips and Pink Camellias with Early Spring Flowers in Glass Vase

Tulips, Pink Camellias, Pale Blue Rose Mary and White Stocks in a glass vase with Lavender on the table. These tulips I planted and grew in my garden but unfortunately after planting bags and bags full of bulbs only a few bloomed.
Available at Lu Martin Galleries

Lunar Mist and Winchester Cathedral in Blue Spiral Glass Pitcher

Lunar Mist is the Yellow Rose and Winchester Cathedral is the White Rose in a Blue Spiral Glass Creme Pitcher.

Margot's Painting - Pink Roses in Blue/Green Ceramic Jug.

Periwinkle Clematis with White and Red Roses in a Spral Glass.

Evelyn and White Azaleas in Blue Glass Pitcher

Purple Tulip in Blue Square Ceramic Vase

Pink Camellias in Glass Hurricane

Garden Flowers in Green Spotted Depression Glass Vase

I gave this painting to my good friend Donna Ferdinando for a wedding present. Best wishes to Donna she has found a wonderful man who treats her like a princes.
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